About the team

Jonatan Erdman

1. Introducing Jonatan, the puzzle-whiz behind the brain-teasing fun on cramcvet.com! With a knack for crafting engaging and challenging quizzes, Jonatan has become an integral part of our animal-loving team.

With years of experience in the puzzle-making game, Jonatan has an intuitive sense of what makes for great brain-teasers. Their work has been featured on numerous websites and publications, showcasing their ability to create content that’s both entertaining and educational.

When not puzzling over puzzles, Jonatan can be found volunteering at local animal shelters, promoting animal welfare and raising awareness about important animal-related issues. And when they’re not busy doing that, you might catch them hiking in the great outdoors, exploring new cities, or cozying up with their furry friends.

With their creativity, expertise, and passion for all things animal-related, Jonatan is a valuable asset to our team and an inspiration to animal lovers everywhere!

2. Meet Mertie, the creative force behind the personality tests and rescue stories on cramcvet.com. With a background in psychology and a passion for animal rescue, Mertie brings a unique perspective to our team.

Mertie is an expert in personality psychology, and their insightful tests help our readers better understand themselves and their furry friends. Their work has been praised for its accuracy, sensitivity, and ability to spark meaningful conversations.

But that’s not all – Mertie also manages our rescue stories section, curating heartwarming tales of animals who have been given a second chance at life. Mertie’s compassion and dedication to animal welfare shines through in every story they publish, inspiring readers to get involved and make a difference in their communities.

When Mertie isn’t busy brainstorming personality tests or shedding happy tears over rescue stories, you can find them advocating for animal rights, and promoting responsible pet ownership. Their deep love for animals and their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on their lives make them an inspiration to us all.

At cramcvet.com, we’re honored to have Mertie as part of our team. Their expertise in personality psychology and passion for animal welfare bring a unique perspective to our website.

Mertie Boyle